Hump Day Humor Week #5


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Theme: YOUR State/Country

(example: Tennesseans…or Only in Tennessee)

This is a weekly meme for Hump Day~Wednesdays. Participants will post anything humorous: email forwards, pictures, happenings, or personal stories that go along with the question(s) and/or theme that is posted for that Wednesday. Please read: About Memes to learn about how to participate, frequently asked questions, more hints, and about Mr. Linky.

Please link to this blog in your post, add your link to Mr. Linky here, and leave a comment here about your post. Thanks!

The theme for next Wednesday, April 2, 2008 will be:

~Out of the Mouths of Babes~


6 Responses to Hump Day Humor Week #5

  1. Skittles says:

    I’m playing!

    Thanks so much! Trying to cross the border into Canada with fireworks-lol! I really enjoyed this!

  2. Shannon H. says:

    I played along!

    Happy Hump Day!

    I believe I would fit right in in Missouri! Awesome post! Thanks for playing!

  3. Laura says:

    Fun! Had to do this one. 🙂

    I am trying to figure out where yours is or if I have viewed it under another name???

  4. Took awhile but finally got it finished!

    Awesome post that I can relate with! It’s gonna be hard to choose ONE for this week! Thanks so much for playing!

  5. Helena says:

    I played along this week. First timer,lol. Lenthy but funny, enjoy!

    I can’t seem to find it-??

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